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Dedicated to healing and transformation through microdosing

In the spirit of reverence for entheogenic sacramental practices, we, the members of the Dose Denver Microdosing Club, declare our commitment to upholding the sanctity, responsibility, and ethical use of ancient plant medicines. Rooted in diverse religious affiliations and individual spiritual journeys, we unite under the shared belief in the profound potential for healing, transformation, and personal growth offered by these sacred traditions.

Ethical entheogenic practices

We recognize and honor the historical and cultural significance of entheogenic substances. We acknowledge the profound impact these plant medicines have had on human consciousness and spirituality throughout the ages. With this understanding, we pledge to approach their use with reverence, respect, and ethical mindfulness.

Education and responsible exploration

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering dedication to inform and guide individuals in understanding the intricate world of microdosing and psychedelics. We recognize that knowledge is the key to responsible exploration, and to that end, we offer a comprehensive array of educational resources. These resources are designed to empower you with insights, best practices, and the latest scientific research, ensuring your journey is informed, safe, and meaningful. 

Community access

We believe in the importance of community support and integration in the entheogenic experience. As such, we offer regular access to integration circles led by licensed therapists, shamans, and medicine keepers. These circles provide a safe and nurturing environment for members to share their experiences, receive guidance, and cultivate deeper connections with themselves, each other, and the sacred medicines.

Fostering a united community

Our club serves as a platform for fostering unity among religious individuals and organizations dedicated to entheogenic sacramental practices. We champion the principles of Natural Law, Sovereignty, and the free exercise of religious liberties. By sharing resources, knowledge, and best practices, we aim to reduce barriers to sacramental reception and promote the well-being and spiritual growth of our members.

As part of our commitment to facilitating responsible entheogenic exploration, we provide our members with regular access to integration circles, led by licensed therapists, shamans and medicine keepers, offering both western and holistic thought, leadership and guidance.

Inclusivity and mutual respect

We are a diverse coalition of religious organizations and individuals who share a profound dedication to preserving the sanctity of entheogenic sacramental practices. Our vibrant community is bound by a collective commitment to the responsible and ethical use of these ancient plant medicines.

In our pursuit of collective growth and understanding, we embrace diversity and inclusivity. We honor the unique perspectives, experiences, and beliefs of each member, fostering an environment of mutual respect and acceptance. Regardless of background or spiritual tradition, all are welcome to join our community and explore the realms of conscious and mindful entheogenic experiences.

Join the Dose Denver community

We invite you to join us on this sacred journey of exploration, healing, and spiritual growth. Together, we will uphold the sanctity of entheogenic sacramental practices, promote responsible and ethical use, and deepen our connection with the sacred medicines.

Join the Dose Denver Microdosing Club today, and together, let us illuminate the path towards a more conscious and harmonious existence.

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