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Code of Conduct

The Plant Magic Private Ministerial Association (PMA) is a collective of individuals united by shared religious sacramental practices and a commitment to the principles of Natural Law. This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations and standards for all members, ensuring that our community remains respectful, inclusive, and true to our shared values.

  1. Respect for Sacramental Practices
  1. Intellectual Property and Limited License:
  1. Conduct Restrictions:
  1. Third Party Services:
  1. Risk Acknowledgment:
  1. Waiver of Liability:
  1. Personal Responsibility:
  1. Respect and Confidentiality:
  1. Continuous Learning and Growth:
  1. Promotion of ASSOCIATION Values:


Adherence to this Code of Conduct ensures that the ASSOCIATION remains a harmonious, respectful, and spiritually enriching community. Members are reminded that our strength lies in our unity, our shared beliefs, and our commitment to the principles of Natural Law. Any breaches of this code will be addressed with the seriousness they deserve, always aiming for understanding, growth, and the betterment of our association.

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